Some people have a fascination for cheese. For them, every meal is better when cheese is added to it, and they won’t mind eating cheese during different times of the day. This kind of fascination can even become weird to some extent – some people would love to have an excessive amount of cheese in their burgers or pasta, in their dishes which have meat or seafood and even with their fried snacks. If you know these situations all too well (because you admit you love cheese so much), you should start making your list of cheese tours to visit. During these tours, you’ll be able to taste different kinds of cheeses from different parts of the world. Plus, these tours can also fill your mind with new knowledge while satisfying your cravings for cheese. There’s a lot of cheese tours around the world, and for sure, you’ll enjoy visiting all of these!

Using cheese in your burgers is common practice. A lot of companies are selling different kinds of cheese, and Burger Cheese by Pure Dairy is just one. However, if you want to taste more cheese, joining cheese tours when visiting Bali and the world might be a better option for you. Take note of the places below so you’ll finally have an idea where these cheese tours are located:

  1. Bali, Indonesia: Unlike other countries in the world, working with cheese is still a new practice in Bali. The cheese-making tradition in Bali only started in 2012, but such industry shows a lot of opportunities for growth. Artisanal cheese from Bali is slowly creating a name in the international scene. This kind of cheese is made from hand with the use of traditional craftsmanship of skilled individuals. Artisanal cheeses are usually mass-produced and shipped to other countries right after production. Artisanal cheeses are aged and ripened for years in order to achieve certain aesthetics.
  2. Toronto, Canada: If you’re looking for a country where you’ll be able to taste different kinds of cheeses, Toronto should be on top of your list. This is where the Great Canadian Cheese Festival is held and if you decide to join this festival, you’ll have the chance to meet many cheesemakers. You’ll also learn a lot about cheeses – how it’s made and how can it be added in some of the most common dishes. When you’re in Toronto, don’t forget to try out Poutine, a Canadian dish which is made from fresh cheese curds, chips and gravy. Eating this dish can complete your entire cheese experience in Canada!
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam boasts of many destinations for cheese fans like you. If you’re eyeing to visit this place anytime soon, start your cheese tour in the Amsterdam Cheese Museum where you’ll be able to see different kinds of cheeses from different parts of the globe. And since this museum is located near the Anne Frank House, you can continue your cheese tour by visiting nearby shops to try out a lot of samples. Doing this allows you to assess which cheese is perfect for your taste buds so you’ll know what to buy. There are also other cheese markets in the Netherlands namely Gouda Cheese Market and Edam Cheese Market.
  4. Waterbury, Vermont: Vermont is considered as one of the best places to visit if you want to take your cheese tour experience to another level. Once you visit Vermont, you can taste different kinds of artisanal cheese, Greek feta, and even white cheddar. You can also tour the factories, farms, and markets in different states and regions to learn more about the cheese-making process. Waterbury has a lot of shops which offer free cheese samples so make sure that you take a drive around this small town!
  5. Gruyeres, Switzerland: If you consider yourself as a cheese lover and you don’t mind trying out cheeses which you’ll either love or hate, try Gruyere cheese from Switzerland. Gruyere cheese has been produced from this country for centuries and is cured for three to ten months. Gruyere cheese is actually a hard yellow cheese which has a nutty taste and melty consistency, perfect for your fondue recipe. When you visit Switzerland, don’t forget to visit the Maison du Gruyere where you can visit the cheese factories and dine at the restaurant afterward. This is where you’ll taste the original Swiss cheese, so it’s important that you include this in your to-do list. And while you’re at it, make sure to try out Raclette, too. This is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese which is sculpted into a 6 kg wheel.
  6. Madison, Wisconsin: In Madison, cheese production is a business which is taken seriously. There are many local cheese producers and family-owned businesses in the area. If you want to maximize your cheese tour in Madison, order a batch of Wisconsin cheese curds at nearby bars or restaurants. There are also several cheese shops in Madison so make sure that you have enough time to visit all of these. After all, you’d want to bring home your favorite cheese, right?

Set Your Expectations

There’s nothing really wrong if you’re fascinated with cheese and all the dishes which are made from it. If eating these makes you happy like no other dish can, go ahead and enjoy these to your heart’s content! But if you’re truly an adventure seeker or you consider yourself as a foodie, don’t be afraid to let your taste buds taste other types of cheeses – something which you can easily enjoy through cheese tours in Bali and other parts of the world. Just make sure that when you’re on these tours, you’re prepared to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. Not all cheeses taste the same – some might be better than what you usually eat while others are bitter or pungent!

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