While traveling rejuvenates your soul, it’s still a luxury that could be costly to afford. Traveling
generally improves your emotional, physical, and emotional well-being, but such effects can
easily fade when traveling empties your pocket, or worse, your savings.

If you want to travel but only have a limited budget, here are 5 cheap ways to travel in Asia.
Moreover, you can try these cheap travel ideas if your destination will be in Asia:

1. Get Into Backpacking

When you want to immerse yourself with the various cultures in Asia, backpacking may
suit your budget. Backpacking is an inexpensive way to travel to different foreign places
independently, and most often suit travelers with more time. Depending on what your
time allows, you can backpack for a few weeks or even years across different countries.
Although Asia can be one of the cheapest destinations for a trip, backpacking through
Asia can also add to its inexpensive cost.

Since backpacking is a lot more like a DIY, doing it for the first time can be difficult. But
with it, you can have the chance to visit cross-countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos or
Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar for an average budget of 25-40 USD a day. If you
want your backpacking adventure to succeed even with a tight budget, carefully plan it.

These travel hacks of being a backpacker can make you save a lot:

● Use your feet
Take a chance to savor and get a close view of your destination by walking aside
from car or train travel. Since walking is free, you can go wherever you want as
long as you’re physically prepared.

● Camp out
Try camping out if you haven’t, instead of staying at hotels or lodges. It’s not only
inexpensive but a great way to interact with nature.

● Be a local.
Backpacking allows you to learn more about other culture, as well as their local
cuisine and local spots. Since locals know the best food stops or hangouts in their
town, follow them and they may even direct you to the best places for your

2. Travel Regionally

Although traveling entails visiting different places, it doesn’t mean going to faraway areas
only. Yes, you can still do that, as it can provide you with more exotic destinations and
you can discover new cultures. But why not start exploring your own region?
But if you live outside Asia, then consider exploring one Asian region instead of
transferring from one country to another. For instance, if you decide to have a trip in the
Northern Part of the Thailand, plan or avail for a travel package that lets you tour in more
than two places in that region. This way, you will not only save money, you’re likely to
explore interesting tourist destinations from different areas in the same region as well.
Moreover, when you travel regionally, you’ll be able to experience the following:

● Deeper appreciation of the region itself, the diversity within the region’s borders,
and the different people
● Break down misconceptions and stereotypes as you get to learn more about the
place, people, and the different cultures of different places in that region.

3. Visit the Less-traveled Destinations

When you’re browsing for travel destinations on the internet, be it on Google or social
media platforms, you’ll probably see the most popular tourist spots. And when the place
is a known destination for travelers or tourists, travel package deals are more likely to be
pricier aside from it being packed with tourists. But if you look for the less-traveled
destinations, you’ll be able to get a good but still affordable deal.
In Asia, if you know where to look, you can find breathtaking destinations in every
country even when these places are not as popular as the recognized tourist spots. Here
are some travel destinations in Asia:

● Bagan, Myanmar – Instead of Yangon, explore Bagan. It’s a quiet and sleepy
town with three areas to visit: Nyaung U, New Bagan, and the Old Bagan.

● Ninh Binh, Vietnam – If you want to get out of the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh
City, Ninh Binh lets you escape into nature. This is a place where you can
experience rural Vietnam.

● Nagano, Japan – When you’re into mountainscape sceneries, Nagano is the right
place to surround yourself with lakes, forests, and fresh air.


In Asia, you can travel with a tight budget. What’s needed is to look at the right places. Also,
with the ideas above, you’ll be able to enjoy the Asian culture without spending a fortune.
Remember that traveling can boost your well-being. Asia is where you can discover diversified
cultures that will take your breath away.

Cherry blossoms Japan

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