There’s something special about Bali. Many people who visit this magical Indonesian island fall in love with its idyllic beaches, crystal-clear waters and relaxed way of living. For some, the possibility of making a permanent move to the enchanting ‘Isle of Gods’ is an enticing prospect. Bali is extremely popular, especially it seems among Millennials, with expats from all over the world relocating to live their dream lifestyle in the most picturesque and tranquil of settings. It may sound like a pipedream, but it’s entirely possible. Careful planning is however needed before taking the plunge, so here are some things you will need to consider ahead when planning your move to paradise.

Getting a work permit

A thriving tourist industry offers employment opportunities for expatriates, many of which will start on a management level. However, a standard tourist visa only allows you to stay in the country for 30 days, and it’s illegal for foreigners to work in Bali without a proper working permit. Permits come in two forms: the KITA (a limited stay permit card valid for 6-12 months) and the permanent work permit, also known as an IMTA. To successfully apply for either of these you will need a company to sponsor you for the length of your stay and prove that the job you’re taking couldn’t be done by a Balinese citizen. Any foreign nationals found working without a permit will be instantly deported. There has been a bit of a decline in expats moving to Indonesia, the law requires that Indonesian citizens are prioritized over foreign workers but there are still good jobs available.

Getting there and getting around

Both in terms of shipping yourself and all your worldly goods to an overseas location and how you’ll get around once you’ve made the move, transport should be a top priority when considering a move to Bali. Check out the official transportation department’s website as it will usually have the latest and most up to date information when planning a move to another country. If you do own a vehicle it’s beneficial to bring it with you, or invest in a new or used one, as taxis and journeys via public transport can be difficult and expensive. International moving services can also be a big help when attempting to navigate the processes and regulations of moving to a foreign country. They can even help to ship your own vehicle to your country of choice.

Finding accommodation

Living in Bali can be affordable, depending on the type of accommodation you are looking for. In recent years lots of investment has gone into the infrastructure, services an,d local schools, which means it’s a great place for families. There are also daily flights to the main Indonesian cities. Most people advise to find accommodation once you’re in Bali, as many of the websites advertising in English are aimed at the tourist market and feature overly inflated prices; sometimes with unnecessary costs such as maids or pool maintenance staff included in the price. Airbnb has a good selection of temporary properties that are more affordable for recce visits while you find a more permanent base.

According to the Jakarta Post, current popular locations for foreign expats include the Nivata and Sadana clusters in Ciputra Beach Resort. This stunning place to live comes with ocean views and a backdrop of mountains and paddy fields. As with any permanent move to a foreign country, there are lots to consider when planning a move to Bali, but it’s worth some short-term planning and investment for a lifetime in paradise.

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