It is widely known that students scarcely and hardly have an opportunity to travel because of having a tight schedule, lots of homework assignments, and, what is the most important, lack of finances. However, if one is willing to recharge his or her batteries, there are a plethora of options for graduates to go on a budget trip, which, in turn, will indubitably give the inspiration to work harder afterward. Someone may well wonder how to do that while having lots of tasks to complete. Sometimes it is worth delegating some of your stuff to professionals while enjoying your trips and gaining emotions. And that’s why you should keep on reading this article to be able to explore Bali cheaply and exquisitely.

Rice Terraces


In order to not to focus on money, the following aspects will be low-cost ones, yet no less impressive. When it comes to the Rice Terraces, rice is generally considered to be a significant part of the Balinese culture and perception. The terraced rice paddies (the area where rice is grown) are encircled by lavish vegetation. They are to be seen throughout the countryside, especially at dawn. The watering system is shared within the communities to support the well-being of the fields and has been occurring for centuries, and the cleverness of all the methods is awe-inspiring. It would be reasonable to point out the most predominant terraces, such as Jatiluwih, Tegallalang, and Belimbing Rice Terraces, which are highly encouraged to see.

Coffee Plantations

Coffee plantations Bali


Being located in a desirable place, precisely in mountainous regions along the equator, Indonesia is a great country to produce and export a large amount of coffee. If we speak about Bali, the most predominant terrain to produce coffee is generally believed to be the highland area of Kintamani. What is more, it is located between two active volcanoes, which makes the overall process of growing risque but astonishing. Moreover, it is here where the most expensive coffee, named Luwak coffee, is cultivated. It is brewed from moderately digested coffee cherries that have traveled through the digestive tract of some species, called civet. The taste is somewhat cumbersome and rough.


Hiking in Bali


Whether you are active or not, picturesque views will make your move. Mount Batur is an active volcano that experiences eruptions almost every year. Even though the height of the mountain is 5,633-foot, one-day hiking to reach the top is a popular activity. If you don’t want to spend plenty of time hiking to the top, you can give try visiting a local village on the way, where you may well be offered to buy some souvenirs and take pictures if you possess a photo camera. Important to admit that you have to be careful wearing appropriate clothes due to environmental situations and weather.

Art and Culture


The next reason to visit Bali stands for seeing and absorbing a Balinese dance acting that shows the entire story, expressed through dynamic full-body movement that makes use of the hands, feet, and face. Enjoy live Balinese music. If your dates to visit Bali correlate with some festivals or celebrations, for instance, Balinese New Year, Ubud Food Festival, or Bali Art Festival, don’t hesitate and pay a visit for the reason that the aforementioned events are full of vibrant people, tourists, and majestic atmosphere. There you can easily purchase different wooden sculptures, hand-made jewelry, spices, paintings, and whatsoever. The inhabitants of Indonesia, precisely Balinese people, are gurus of different crafts.

The Island of a Thousand Temples


You are likely to spot Balinese Hindu temples or Pura, around the more massive community terrains. You are highly recommended to pick a bicycle tour around Ubud, where you will go in and out of villages. Moreover, if you choose a guide to conduct an excursion, you will likely stop at various places to leave offerings of flowers, candy, and cigarettes. There is a variety of places to visit, but most touristic are Ulun Danu and Goa Lawah. Note for women; you should obey the rules and put on a traditional dress and sarong tied at the waist.

Discover Your Paradise


Even though you might get stuck with the date and the season, we are likely to tell that there is no wrong time to visit Bali for the reason that the weather is normally warm and steamy throughout the year. The average daily temperature is approximately 26 degrees-Celsius. However, the majority of visitors proved that the best time to visit Bali is between May and September when it is considered to be a dry season. The humidity is then prone to be at the lowest level. Conversely, from January to March, you are most likely to spot better options in terms of finances.

Three S


This stands for sun, sand, and sea. It may well be said that visiting the Indonesian archipelago one is to be awarded remarkable beaches and coasts one can ever see. Starting from tranquil easy-surfing waters to the black volcanic sands, one will notice the diversity of such a beautiful and breathtaking country. Moreover, you will have no problem finding a pleasurable water spring to satisfy your desires and greedy interests. The aforementioned aspects are the cheapest yet the most precious you can experience in the Indonesian peninsula.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that everyone has a desire to travel, to explore new places, or just to have a rest changing the location. When it comes to students, they tend to be almost always in one place during the academic year, being unable to travel by reason of academia and its obligations. As follows, when there is a small opportunity to set off on a trip and wind yourself down, you should go to Bali, and the reasons, as mentioned above, will fully convince you to do that.

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