In December 2023, Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy  proposed visa-free access for citizens of 20 countries.

This initiative aims to significantly increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, thereby boosting the overall economy. The ministry has stated that the proposal for visa-free visits for these 20 countries is nearing completion.

“The process is in the final stages of being finalized,” explained Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, at a recent press conference in Jakarta, 8 July 2024.

“We have a flexible list of the 20 proposed countries, prioritizing those that will contribute most significantly to Indonesia’s economic growth through tourism.”

Providing details on the specific countries, Minister Uno elaborated, “These include several Middle Eastern nations known for their tourism-related investments, in addition to the top 20 contributors of foreign tourists to Indonesia.”

The Ministry anticipates that this visa-free access program will lead to a substantial rise in foreign tourist arrivals. This, in turn, is expected to stimulate domestic consumption, attract more investment, and open doors for the development of the digital economy.

The following is a list of the 20 countries whose citizens will be eligible for visa-free entry to Indonesia:

South Korea
United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia
New Zealand

 (Two additional Middle Eastern countries)

To ensure the program’s effectiveness, the Ministry of Tourism plans to implement visa-free access on a trial basis. The initiative will be evaluated after six months to assess its impact. If successful, the program is expected to be implemented before the end of the current administration’s term.  


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