Indonesia’s Health Ministry is targeting to get more than 3,000 national hospitals to implement the standard inpatient class (KRIS) system for national health insurer BPJS Health participants by June 30, 2025, according to Antara News.

“There are 3,176 hospitals nationally. There will be 3,060 hospitals targeted to follow the BPJS Health KRIS regulation, while the target for April 30 this year is actually 2,858 hospitals,” the ministry’s spokesperson, Mohammad Syahril, said at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/5/24.)

By 2023, at least 1,216 hospitals were ready to implement KRIS. Meanwhile, during the same period, KRIS was implemented at 995 hospitals, Syahril said.

Antara News says that the ministry’s Directorate General of Health Services is pursuing additional KRIS implementation this year at 2,432 hospitals. “Later in June 2025, we will realize 3,057 hospitals,” Syahril said, adding that KRIS is being implemented under Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 59 of 2024 concerning Health Insurance.

The presidential decree lays down 12 standard criteria for inpatient services for National Health Insurance (JKN) participants, covering building quality, lighting, bathrooms, bed dividers, room temperature, and oxygen installation, report Antara News.

“This presidential decree aims to guarantee equal and proper treatment for all BPJS Health participants,” Syahril said.

He added that the standardization of inpatient services is motivated by the lack of uniformity in the facilities and infrastructure for BPJS Health participants. For example, many hospitals collaborating with BPJS Health are still accommodating five to eight patients in one room, while the provisions of the Decree of the Director General of Health Services stipulate a maximum of four treatment beds with 12 service criteria.

“The maximum capacity of four patients aims to guarantee quality, safety, and comfort. Meanwhile, the implementation is different in many hospitals,” Syahril said.

He emphasized that KRIS has been implemented to improve the quality of class III services for BPJS Health patients, says Antara News.


Source: Antara News

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