Tempo is reporting that Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has invited around 150 Turkish food processing entrepreneurs under the auspices of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ITO) to increase their investments in Indonesia.

The ministry’s Deputy for Food and Agribusiness Coordination, Dida Gardera, met ITO representatives while visiting several booths of food storage, milling, and processing technology companies at the 2024 IDMA in Istanbul, Turkey. The IDMA is an international exhibition that showcases machinery and milling technology supplier companies with industries that use processed grains, such as rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, beans, and feed with an export transaction target of USD 500 million.

“The agricultural sector has contributed significantly to national economic growth even though the world, including Indonesia, is currently facing food insecurity threats,” he noted in a statement on Monday (13/5/24.)

Gardera said that some Turkish businessmen were looking for a simplification of the investment process in Indonesia and to this end, he said his side is committed to facilitating the resolution of obstacles faced while investing in Indonesia, reports Tempo.

He explained that relations between Indonesia and Turkey are strengthened by the similar majority religion and culture, so Turkish businessmen are enthusiastic to invest in Indonesia.

However, he noted that Turkey’s biggest obstacle to investing in Indonesia is the long distance between the two countries, although Indonesia believes that logistical and distribution support can be facilitated by trade agreements between both parties, according to Tempo.

“Hopefully, Turkish entrepreneurs can invest in Indonesia, especially in the food sector, such as in dairy companies ranging from feeder cows to final products, including candy, cheese, and yogurt. On the other hand, Turkish hazelnuts can be introduced in Indonesia,” Gardera said.


Source: Tempo

Stock image by jorono from Pixabay

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