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Thread: Export licence for handicrafts

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    Default Export licence for handicrafts

    I was wondering if you need an export licence to export handicrafts and furniture overseas?
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    I export electronics to Australia and I have not needed an export licence for Indonesia. I have never exceed more than 100,000,00 IDR per shipment, this potentially could be why. The reciever pays the import tax due in Australia to collect the items.

    This article maybe helpful for exporting furniture -

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    I export furniture to America,varies from $20,000 to $40,000 per shipment, I use a shipping company that arranges everything so I don't need a licence,however shipping to different countries might be different,depending on where you are shipping to you might also have import duties when it arrives and if you are not prepared for that then it can become very expensive as the port of entry will charge storage fees per day,happened to my first shipment couple of yrs ago,although we don't have import duties on furniture from here entering the USA the port fees were crazy because I wasn't prepared and didn't have the proper paperwork

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