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Thread: Bali to host Miss Internet Indonesia

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    Default Bali to host Miss Internet Indonesia

    The Association of Indonesian Internet Providers (APJII) Bali branch is organizing a Miss Internet 2013 competition, calling for young women to participate in the event.

    Wahid Juniarto, chairman of the organizing committee, told journalists in a press conference yesterday that the competition was aimed at increasing Internet usage among girls and women.

    “We encourage women to use Internet services to enhance their knowledge, information and skills. It is an appreciation of any woman who uses the Internet for good purposes,” Juniarto said.

    Registration for the competition has opened and the grand final will be held in Denpasar on Sept. 14. Women aged between 17 and 25 years old, who have a Bali identity card, are eligible to register as contestants.

    Contestants are required to have online activities, such as creating a blog, social networking, online business and other social activities in the virtual world.

    Bali to hold first Miss Internet Indonesia | The Jakarta Post

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    Wow! Where do I join the line? These guys don't like booze, pretty women or anyone that disagrees, now that's my kind of religion. If they would just get some really spooky elements like maybe gold plates full of gibberish handed down by God or maybe some science fiction Thetan testing that you had to pay scads of dosh for it would be perfect.

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    where do I get tickets ?

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