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Thread: Incorporating a foreign (UK) company in Bali. Recommendations on who to speak too?

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    Default Incorporating a foreign (UK) company in Bali. Recommendations on who to speak too?

    I am looking to incorporate a foreign company in Bali and trying to find someone that can do this and handle all visas and help set up a business bank account. Does anyone have any good recommendations on who I could speak to and do you know how long this usually takes and costs? I've seen $4000 on some sites but it takes 2 months. Any help would be hugely appreciated, many thanks. Ian.

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    Ian, your post is a bit confusing. Companies are always incorporated in their 'home country', i.e., an Indonesia company is incorporated in Indonesia under Indonesian law, a UK company in the UK under UK law, etc. It's not possible to incorporate a UK company in Indonesia. Instead, you'd need to find an agent in Indonesia who has contacts in the UK that can help you set up a company there. In any event, I'm not sure how this could possibly help you with visas in Indonesia, unless your plan is to open up a branch office or subsidiary of the UK company in Indonesia, which would then employ you? I think it would be easier and more effective to set up an Indonesian company which could then sponsor your visa.
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    A branch office might be what you need to look into setting up, or even just a separate PMA. There are several business consultancies that cater to foreigners, unfortunately I have good and bad reports on several of these companiese so it is difficult to recommend one. Some won't even bother to answer your email. The all advertise in the Bali Advertiser, which you can also read online. Make a short list of possible companies and then meet with each of them when you are in Bali and see which one offers the best advice.
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